Fri. Nov 17th, 2023
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5 top science and tech museums globally

The Universe was born from the Big Bang and has been evolving ever since. It’s an infinite and ever-expanding space occupied by a variety of galaxies and mysteries that remain unanswered and undiscovered even now. Our blue planet is simply a fragment of this enormous creation where dark energy and ordinary matter collide over and over again. But, our Earth has its history of development and mysteries. It’s adopted various cataclysmic effects, has seen kingdoms fall and rise. It’s seen millions and millions of years pass by its weather-beaten surface and has braved the ravages of time. It’s served as a muse to Darwin’s Origin of Species and supplied a problematic ground for various literary and scientific pursuits. 

Our world is an enigma in its real sense, one whose experiences and intellect have been kept alive by human beings in multiple ways. Below is a carefully curated list of the world’s top science and technology museums for lovers of all things scientific. 

  1. The Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia Museum showcases over 16 million specimens of dinosaurs, for instance, the famous T-Rex. The extinction of dinosaurs has always been a hot topic of research, and this museum does justice to the history of these species.
  2. For the love of the Universe, think about paying a visit to The Hong Kong Space Museum on the next trip to Hong Kong. As the name implies, this is a Space museum, one which exhibits a beautiful series and an illustrious explanation of the various astrological phenomenons. This place is a must-visit for any astrophile out there.
  3. At the Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne, Switzerland, Swiss cars and transport infrastructures are marvels of the Earth. This museum flaunts the stunning Swiss automobiles and their transport infrastructure. Place this on your bucket list as a must-see location, the next time you plan a visit to Switzerland.
  4. The California Academy of Sciences, San Francisco, is the greenest museum around the surface of Earth. It boasts a planetarium, museum of natural sciences and an aquarium which exhibit the beautiful underwater life. The lush green surroundings are soothing to the eyes, along with the museum, makes its way into the list of top 5 Science and Technology Museums due to an all-round approach to Science and Technology. A dome enclosed 4-story rainforest appears to be the highlight for many, though a digital planetarium, aquarium and natural history museum within the museum round off the experience. The building itself is of note: the construction is among the greenest museums in the world boasting a two 1/2 acre living roof, solar canopy, water reclamation system and a one of a kind insulation made from recycled blue jeans.
  5. The National Air and Space Museum, Washington, USA, is an astrophile’s delight. It exhibits a curious collection from different planets of the Universe and also flaunts of the history of aviation and flight. Remember to cover this intellectually stimulating place of a trip, on another trip to the USA.